Join my Japanese Embroidery ONLINE CLASSES

I offer you a 6 weeks journey on how to empower your creativity, discover a new passion, enhance your creativity, overcome your worries and pains, while learning embroidery techniques.

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I teach newbies and passionate about embroidery to create a sacred space of peace of mind and satisfaction in their daily lives while stitching. The repetition and rhythm of skillful manual gestures will enhance their patience and creativity, calm down their pain and frustration, destress their busy days, fill their free time with joy and serenity. And in the end, there is a beautiful, tangible product as well! In my teaching embroidery experience, the transformation happens during the journey, the handmade process. The product itself is just a "plus".


Weekly Zoom meeting 

Classes are held on Zoom once a week or every 14 days. Each session is 3 hours long, during which I teach the techniques covered in the lessons via videos and live demonstrations.

Enhance your unique creativity

During the lessons are proposed many insights aimed at developing aesthetic sensitivity and personal creativity. Particular attention is given to the study of colors and shapes

Deepen your knowledge

In the portal you will find all the related learning material: video and PDF, plus articles on aesthetics, art, history and cultural in heritage connected to the study of Japanese Embroidery.

Enjoy an amazing Community

Inside the portal I set up a Forum section where students can interact among them and where I jump in regularly to give advices and answer questions.

Meet the Teacher

Needles  are  my  brushes,  threads  my  pigments  and  precious  fabrics  my canvasses. I use these tools to express my creativity in the arts of embroideryand  textile.

I  live  between Switzerland  and  Italy  and  I’m  married  to  a Frenchman. I was born and raised in Milan, the heart of fashion and design, and have travelled all over the world.